Wednesday, February 5, 2014

This is the page Bold Nebraska set up from a Google web form for Comment submissions online to the ice giants..

Since the world exceeded the mark of 400 ppm CO2 in the summer of 2013, it has become clear that drastic reduction in extraction, refining and burning of fossil fuels is necessary for the continuation of life on this planet as we know it.

We need to conserve energy until we have quickly tapered off the use of fossil fuels and can provide substantially all of our energy needs from renewables.

Any investment and large scale facilitation and development of new fossil fuel sources and infrastructure is out of the question.

We're going in the other direction now.

Forget about earth's irreplaceable resources being somebody's personal possession to be used up for somebody's profit.  That system and approach don't get us to a place where we survive the climate crisis.

It's time to pressure our friends, the Canadians, and the tycoons monopolizing the profitable devastation of the boreal forests and indigenous lands, to cut their losses and stop the assault on the earth and future generations, and leave the carbon in the ground.

We have to cut back on fossil fuels and dismantle the carbon infrastructure starting now.

Proponents would say the energy is going to come out of the ground anyway, so it doesn't make any difference if we build the pipeline or not.  This is anachronistic thinking.  The page of history has turned.

We are out of the fossil fuel energy facilitation and infrastructure business.  We are now in the process of investing our energy capital into renewables and conservation, and we consider countries aggressively conserving fossil fuels to be our friends, friends of the earth, and friends of humanity.

Countries that encourage the exploitation of fossil fuel energy and the development of fossil fuel infrastructure and commerce are assaulting the earth--it's ecological equilibrium--and they are not friends of the life on earth, now or in the future.

What life on earth demands is swift reduction in burning of fossil fuels and DISMANTLING OF INFRASTRUCTURE of fossil fuel energy.

Any other course than this one is an effort by a few people to profit from the destruction of our global ecosystem.  It's time to begin to save the planet now, in every possible way, not later.  Leave the tar sands in the ground:  no pipeline.